Prenatal/Infant Adjustment

Children deserve to enter the world as healthy as possible. While each pregnancy and birth is a unique dance, it is often times strenuous work for mom and baby. Research shows that chiropractic prenatal care contributes to more comfortable pregnancies, less painful and shorter labors, and reduced trauma on mother and child. We acknowledge the effect trauma can have on both baby and mom during the labor and delivery process; particularly when medical interventions such as labor induction with Pitocin, vacuum extractions or forceps, pulling or twisting the head, caesarean sections  and other surgical procedures are employed.

Pediatric chiropractors are specially and extensively trained to detect signs of both macro-and micro-trauma and their effects on a child’s developing nervous system. When misalignment’s known as vertebral subluxations put pressure, stress or torque on nerves or the spinal cord, chiropractors gently restore proper alignment thereby removing insult to the nervous system and restoring proper function. The amount of pressure used during a pediatric treatment is equal to what you'd use to check a tomato for ripeness!

When subluxations from traumas are left uncorrected it can impact a baby's spinal growth and neurological development by reducing the healthy function of the nervous system. Some signs your baby may benefit from chiropractic care include; nursing difficulties, sleep disturbances, inability to be soothed or colic symptoms, head tilt to one side or difficulty turning their head to one side.

In many cases of pediatric chiropractic care, parents have reported improvement or resolution of symptoms associated with infantile colic, flat head syndrome, breastfeeding issues, constipation, chronic ear infections, bed-wetting, reflux, asthma, allergies, torticollis, postural changes and even ADD. The effects of an adjustment on an infant, toddler or school-aged child can be profound because it eliminates not just the symptom of many common ailments, but the central cause.

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