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Pain medications aren’t the only path to pain relief. In fact, medications on their own may only mask the pain while injuries and imbalances linger. That’s why Dr. Robert Di Stefano at Integrated ChiroCare strives to treat pain and ensure optimal health with evidence-based chiropractic care in Dover, DE.

Dr. Di Stefano can treat many different types of musculoskeletal issues, including:
- Chronic pain
- Upper and lower back pain
- Shoulder and neck pain
- Injuries stemming from car accidents (including whiplash)
- Workplace and personal injuries
- Aches and pains in your extremities
- Joint pain (including arthritis)
- Posture correction

The above list isn’t exhaustive. Further, Dr. Di Stefano provides pregnancy and pediatric chiropractic care. To improve outcomes for long-lasting pain relief and healing, it’s crucial to work with each patient on an individual basis. Seeking chiropractic care in Dover, DE? Contact Integrated ChiroCare.

Your Path to Wellness Begins.

Commonly Used Methods of Chiropractic Care

Whereas other approaches fail to resolve underlying issues, chiropractic care focuses on delivering lasting pain relief. While treatment is customized to the patient’s pains and preferences, some forms of treatment are relatively common, including those outlined below.

Chiropractic Adjustments

The patient’s spine is gently manipulated to improve alignment and mobility while reducing tension.

Ischemic Massage and Transverse Friction Massage

These advanced massage treatments reduce muscle pain and ease strain. Massage treatment may also trigger natural healing processes.

Nutritional Counseling

Dr. Di Stefano holds a Master’s degree in nutrition and has helped countless patients reduce pain, achieve a healthier lifestyle, and engage in natural and holistic healing with nutritional adjustments.

Holistic Care You Can Count On

Many other forms of care can be utilized to reduce pain and improve health. Dr. Di Stefano has received extra education and training to treat conditions and pains in the extremities (e.g. arms and legs). Further, ice/heat therapy, electrostimulation, and therapy beds, among other treatment methods and tools, can deliver excellent outcomes. Rehabilitative exercises and treatments can also be used to address recent and long-term injuries.

If you or a loved one are in pain, and you’re seeking chiropractic care in Dover, DE, call 302-505-5767 to reach Dr. Di Stefano at Integrated ChiroCare.

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